September 22nd, 2019

To all members :
Tomorrow (21 Sept) is our Taekwondo Farewell & Anniversary.The venue will be at Auditorium. The time is from 9am to 1:30pm. Performers pls reach by 8:30am to test the stage and music. Members pls reach before 8:45am. F5 may reach before 9am. All members pls wear taekwondo black tee and long dark colored pants. Pls bring along your own cutlery set. Lunch will be provided. Performers pls wear as the same as other members but bring your performance clothes. Performers pls RMB to bring your own pendrive with your songs saved in it ya. Hope you enjoy it tmr. 😊😊

For those who are going for grading on 29 Sept pls arrive at the main centre before 9am,the best is teach around 8:45am,pls don’t reach there too early as nobody is gonna open the door yet. Also, you may go back once you have done your color belt grading, but everyone is advised to stay to see other color belt grading. Pls practice your syllabus at home yea. Good luck!!


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