July 9th, 2017


There were a few of rules NEED to be follow :

  • Members must reach before 7.15 a.m. in every training.
  • Members’ fingernails and toenail must be cut before come for training.
  • If members have any activities or competitions which crushed time with Taekwondo training time, must inform secretary or any committees.
  • Members must bring their own uniform come when training.
  • Members must wear taekwondo black t-shirts when Co-curriculum day (every Wednesday).
  • Members must be learned Taekwondo oath which can refer to Constitution.
  • Members must respect instructors and seniors.

*If any members found by seniors that didn’t followed rules above, will be punished.

  • If the group finds out that your attendance is low, an official quit letter will be given to kick you out. No turnbacks, No further reason is acceptable.
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