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January 31st, 2018

To all members:

  1. This Saturday ( 3 Feb) we will having training. Please arrive before 7.30a.m. or else will be counted as LATE and given punishment. And also please bring RM 60 for fees.

To old members:

The fees for renewal of membership card will be change from RM5 to RM 10. Thus , old member please bring RM10 for renewal membership.

To new members:

About the membership fees, it will be change from RM15 to RM20 . Thus , those who had submit RM15, please bring more RM5 . For those who havent submit, please give RM20. Thanks.

Taekwondo AGM 2018

January 20th, 2018

Taekwondo AGM
Date:13 JAN 2018
Venue:PCGHS Stadium

At 13 Jan 2018 we gathered at stadium for our taekwondo first meeting,  AGM. Old members wore dobok while new members wore PJK shirt and long pants. Our teacher explained to us about the attendance and our seniors explained to us about how should we respect instructors and what we should and should not do during training. Then, our committees had a self introduction so that members can ask questions from them if they need to. Then, we ended our AGM.

Thank you for drawing out your time and patience on reading this.

2018 Taekwondo AJK List

January 17th, 2018

Pengerusi: Sonia Yeoh Wei Lynn (S5G)

Naib Pengerusi: Chiam Pei Yiu (S4C)

Ketua Setiausaha: Soon Ming Wen (S5A)

Penolong Setiausaha: Grace Liew Min Zi (K3A)

Ketua Disiplin: Lim Jing En (S5C)

Penolong Disiplin: Thin Lei (S4G)

Ketua Bendahari: Tan Shu Qi (S5A)

Penolong Bendahari: Yeoh Huei San (S4H)

Ketua kebersihan: Ooi Jing Rung (S5A)

Penolong kebersihan: Erica Goh Min Yi (K3A)

Ketua Papan Notis: Leong Wen Qi (K3C)

Penolong Papan Notis: Chin Hui Xin (K2B)


Form 5 : Sharon Kok Zhi Wei (P5A)

Form 4 : Chee Hui Ying (S4I)

Form 3: Lim Zi Yi (K3A)

Form 2: Lin Jia Hui (K2H)

Form 1: Tan Jie Ying (K1H)


Guru Penasihat

Cikgu Diyana

Cikgu Shalini

Cikgu Tan Siew Hoon


**Please only find us when you have urgent important matters. Please do not find us often during ongoing classes.

2018 Calendar

January 17th, 2018

No. Date Teacher incharge
1. 13 Jan 2017 (AGM) Cikgu Diyana
2. 03 Feb 2017 Pn. Tan Siew Hoon
3. 10 Feb 2017 Cikgu Diyana
4. 10 Mac 2017 Cikgu Diyana
5. 17 Mac 2017 Pn. Tan Siew Hoon
6. 31 Mac 2017 Puan Shalini
7. 07 Apr 2017 (Outing) Cikgu Diyana
8. 14 Apr 2017 Pn. Tan Siew Hoon
9. 21 Apr 2017 Puan Shalini
10. 19 May 2017 Cikgu Diyana
11. 26 May 2017 Pn. Tan Siew Hoon
12. 02 Jun 2017 Puan Shalini
13. 09 Jun 2017 Cikgu Diyana
14. 30 Jun 2017 Pn. Tan Siew Hoon
15. 07 July 2017 Puan Shalini
16. 21 July 2017  (Competition) Cikgu Diyana
17. 04 Aug 2017 Pn. Tan Siew Hoon
18. 18 Aug 2017 Puan Shalini
19. 08 Sep 2017 Cikgu Diyana
20. 22 Sep 2017 Pn. Tan Siew Hoon
21. 29 Sep 2017 Puan Shalini
22. 13 Oct 2017 (Farewell&Anniversary) Cikgu Diyana

**The dates above might be change due to other activities so please always notice the Taekwondo school blog.

AGM ( 13 Jan 2018)

January 11th, 2018


This Saturday we will have our AGM .

Date: 13 January 2018

Venue: Stadium

Time: 9.45a.m. ~ 11.00a.m.



Please bring:

  1. New green card
  2. RM 15 for membership fees
  3. Application form of enrolment (the form which you get it during hari pendaftaran , if you don’t have please get it from me during AGM)

PLS NOTED! That you need wear white t-shirt or pjk t-shirt and comfortable long pants which is suitable for exercise (black or dark blue). And all new member must pay membership fees during AGM !! Those who didn’t get their form also take the membership fees come !



Please bring RM5 for renewal of membership.



Any question can ask below ~

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