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March 31st, 2017

There will be training in 1st of April.

Any further questions, please comment.

Grading ( 26 March 2017 )

March 26th, 2017

Taekwondo Grading
Date : 26 March 2017
Time : 8.45 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.
Venue : Gan Association
           We gathered at Gan Association to participate the grading . After the instructors have arrived , we started to do warm ups , stretching and sparring steps . After this , we were classified from our colour belts .

Classified from colour belt .

          The white belts will be the first to do their test . After they done their basic steps , basic kicks , sparring steps and one-step sparrings, there will be a breaking session .They were going to break the planks with a straight foward punch . After the white belts have finished , The 8th grade yellow belts will be their turn to take their grading test. And so onward to green belts, blue belts, red belts until black belts. After that , we ended our grading and left the place .

White belt grading .

Yellow belt grading .

Green belt grading .

Blue belt grading ( Breaking session )  

That is all for the grading .

Thank you for draw out your time and patience on reading this .


Training report (18 March 2017)

March 21st, 2017

Taekwondo training ( 18 March 2017 )

Date : 18 March 2017

Time : 8.00 am to 10.00 am

Venue : PCGHS Stadium


We gathered inside stadium as usual . After instructors arrived , we started our warm ups and stretchings . After this , we all pair up to learn ” one-step sparring “.


As “one-step sparring” is a part of grading , so instuctors teached and explained to us patiently and clearly. After this , we were having our 5minutes break . The instructors decided to test whether we are enough technics to go grading or not . At last of the training , the instrustors announced the people who are good to go for grading . We ended our training after this .

That is all for the training on 18 March 2017 . Thank you.



March 21st, 2017

There will be a grading session in

Date: 26/3/17

Venue: 65,57,Jalan Perak, Jelutong, 11600, George Town, Pulau Pinang

Condition: registered members MUST come only.  (ones who passed their grading forms to the instructors)

Please do not arrive if youre not registered on the grading session.

There will be no training this week (25/3)

Any further questions, PLEASE COMMENT below.

Training Report ( 11 March 2017)

March 16th, 2017

Taekwondo Training 

Date : 11 march 2017

Time : 7.30 am to 10.00 am

Venue : PCGHS stadium

Before our instructors arrive, we all gathered in the stadium as usual. When the instructors came, we started our training. We did warm ups , stretching and the basic steps before they decided to teach us ‘ Taeguek ‘. In the middle of the training, suddenly all the lamps and the fans had stopped working, and the stadium started to get hot and stuffy . After a 15-minute short break, we continued our training. The instructors decide to separate us into 2 groups. The white belts will learn to know their basic steps and the rest of the other colour belts will learn how to do their ‘Taeguek ‘ . The training ended at 10.00 a.m. . Before we leave, the instructors informed us that if we wanted to go to the training test, we have to submit the grading forms and RM45  (for the registration fee) by next week.

That is all for the training on 11 March 2017, Thank you for draw out your time and patience on reading this.


March 7th, 2017

There will be training on 11/3/2017

There will be a grading test on 26/3/2017. If interested, please bring along your grading forms filled in, and along with Rm 45. Please pass it to the intructors as they could manage our grading participations by 18/3/2017.

The grading test is to help trainers to have a chance to raise their current belt ranks. Please ONLY come when you are ready for your grading test. White belts are encouraged to come along if prepared.

Any forms and money given after 18/3/2017 will be denied.


For form 1 trainers. Your grading form will be found on the next page of the Taekwondo Oath page. We recommend you to print an extra one or two for you to use in the future.

If you keep fliping the pages, you can find the address where the grading test would be held.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding this event during the next training  from 7.30am – 8.00am



End of Announcement~

Thank you for reading.



2017 Ajk list

March 7th, 2017

Please only find us when you have urgent important matters. Please do not find us often during ongoing classes.

Pengerusi: Tan Jia Wen (S5B)

Naib Pengerusi: Sonia Yeoh Wei Lynn (S4G)

Ketua Setiausaha: Teoh Hung En (P5B)

Penolong Setiausaha: Soon Ming Wen (P4A)

Ketua Disiplin: Loo Yin En (S5E)

Penolong Disiplin: Lim Jing En (S4B)

Ketua Bendahari: Soon Ming Wen (P4A)

Penolong Bendahari: Tan Shu Qi (S4A)

Ketua kebersihan: Ch’ng Ke Xin (S5A)

Penolong kebersihan: Thin Lei (K3I)

Ketua Papan Notis: Leong Wen Wei (K3J)

Penolong Papan Notis: Chiam Pei Yiu (K3D)


Form 5 : Yeoh Yen Wei (P5B)

Form 4 : Ooi Jing Rung (S4B)

Form 3: Yeoh Huei San (K3J)

Form 2: Felicia Chew Tong Lin(K2B)

Form 1: Chin Hui Xin (K1B)


Guru Penasihat

Cikgu Diyana

Cikgu Ian William Howell

Cikgu Tan Siew Hoon

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